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mLift is a taxi service that makes it easier for Jazz subscribers residing in Rawalpindi and Islamabad to commute between the twin cities.

mLift is built according to the local needs of Pakistan. It requires no smartphone and no internet.

It just works on a normal GSM phone. Through a normal phone call Jazz detects your approximate location and sends you the nearest taxi.

It is an effort to fill the huge commuting gap in our country with the help of technology.


What is mLift?

mLift is an on-demand ride service that connects commuters with taxi drivers. It serves all GSM users of Jazz.

How do I book a ride with mLift?

  • ● Dial 7555.from Jazz number.
  • ● Negotiate for fare.
  • ● Press 1 to confirm the ride.
  • ● SMS confirmation notification received.

Is mLift available across Pakistan?

We plan to make mLift available across Pakistan. However, currently mLift is only available in Rawalpindi and Islamabad.

What are the charges for traveling with mLift?

mLift is a free of charge service. The only charges you have to pay is the fare which you negotiate with the taxi driver.

Do I need to download an app for mLift?

No, you just need to dial a short code 7555 from your phone.

How do I pay for the ride?


No, you just need to dial a short code 7555 from your Jazz number.

How early do I have to book a ride?

This completely depends on the availability of the driver. However, we recommend that you book a ride just about 20 mins before you intend to start your journey.

How do I cancel my ride?

You can cancel your ride by dialing 7555 short code again and talk to your driver again to cancel the ride.

Are there any cancellation charges?

No, there are absolutely no cancellation charges.

Can I change my pick-up or destination location after I have booked my ride?

Yes, you can change your pick-up or destination location after you have booked a ride. Simply dial the short code 7555 and talk to your driver again.

Will my phone number be visible to the driver?

Your privacy is our priority. mLift will not share your phone number with the drivers.

Our Team

mLift is the Pakistan first GSM based taxi management system.Designed and built by a team of industry experts. mLift has partnered with Jazz Pakistan to launch this service. Our team of drivers are background checked and biometric verified.

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