Samsung Knox

Power up your enterprise mobility management with Knox solutions. Our exceptional services complement the platform's capabilities for a seamless experience.

About Samsung Knox

Samsung Knox is a complete suite of enterprise mobility solutions designed to keep your work phones, tablets, and wearables under IT control.


In addition to multiple government certifications, Samsung Knox has received outstanding ratings by Gartner in its mobile security platform comparisons.


M.M. provides you with Samsung Knox services so that you can focus on your business and grow with each passing day.

Is your enterprise facing these challanges?*

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Financial Losses

Trying to reduce financial losses from inventory write-offs, theft, and other expenses?

Our Solution

Our services have saved our clients up to 40% of their revenue from the start. (Book a demo with our expert to see how much you can save with our ROI calculator)
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Custom Solutions

Seeking an innovative partner to customize standard solutions?

Our Solution

Our certified experts use SDK configurations to deliver personalized EMM solutions that meet your unique requirements.
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Remote Management

Having trouble managing your field team remotely?

Our Solution

Monitor and control enterprise devices in real-time with flexible IT policies that enforce compliance at the touch of a button.

Cyber Security

Risk of unauthorized access, data breaches, and malware attacks?

Our Solution

Our solution is recognized by “Gartner” to provide government-grade security by virtue of it’s multi-layered encryption, making it ideal for all verticals alike.

Regional Limitation

Concerned about stringent compliance standards in your local region?

Our Solution

We deploy the solution on either cloud or on-premise to meet regulatory requirements and data governance regulations to meet your specific needs.


Want a solution that does not limit your “Bring Your Own Device” policies?

Our Solution

Our solutions provide Multi-Platform/OS Support making it easy for you to seamlessly integrate with other enterprise systems.


Need fast and efficient support without delays?

Our Solution

Our SLA agreements and escalation process ensure 24/7 assistance with unparalleled response times.

Our clients for Samsung Knox services

Use Cases


Apart from data security, our Pharma clients have a knack for effective inventory management and reducing their operational costs.


We help them reduce: 


The IT teams of our Fintech clients usually look for a solution to streamline device management, reduce personal use and data consumption, and enhance overall productivity while improving security. 


We help them achieve: 


Our FMCG clients rely on EMM solutions to maintain efficient supply chain management through real-time inventory tracking and increasing their sales while they are at it. 


Our solution can help FMCG clients achieve these goals while improving data security:

Set up a demo to see how we can help your business. We have a diverse set of vertical clientele including: fintech, Pharma, FMCG, marketing agencies, real estate, telecom and educational institutes

M.M. also offers Samsung Knox along with user devices at competitive pricing as a bundle offer.

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